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Fly Tying

which thread?

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I use the cheap india bobbins.I have probably 12 of them and never had a problem with them.


I like the veevus.Only have a couple spools but it's probably the strongest thread i have used.

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This new to the market bobbin looks interesting. Next time I get to the Bears Den I'll have to give it a good look. Tungsten better than ceramic? Maybe.




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You didn't say what size hooks you are tying on. That is critical!


On size 10-14, I generally use Danville 6/0, but I do have some UTC 6/0 and Uni 6/0

On size 16-20, I'll generally go with Uni 8/0, but I also have Veevus 12/0 and Griffith's 14/0

Larger than a 10, and on some 10's, I step up to 3/0 or Danville flat waxed nylon.


Uni-Thread is fused, so the strands don't separate. It stays round.

Uni 6/0 and UTC 6/0 are significantly thicker than Danville 6/0

Danville Flat Waxed Nylon is 210d, and approximately the same thickness as their 3/0 threads.

Veevus (and the old Benecchi) are multi-stranded, and can be made to lay flat for less buildup.


Colors I use the most of? Number 1 is Black, hands down. Number 2 is probably white. After that, I find I use pale yellow (Lt. Cahill) and olive about equally. Of course, I have red, tan, grey, dark olive, green, hot orange, etc., etc., but I rarely use them.

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