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Little Minnow Fry - Streamer Fly

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This streamer is to mimic small minnows and baitfish that predator fish hunt regularly. Minnows especially. Tied in this color pattern its great for fishing in the gulf for redfish and seatrout as a finger mullet imitation, or even as a fly for fishing bass and trout in rivers or lakes as a minnow imitation. The pearl belly perfectly imitates a small baitfish with a transparent belly.

Hook: Daiichi 1750
Fiber: Bull Frog Dubbing - Caddis tan, caddis brown, and caddis orange
Flash: Starburst Dubbing - Pearl, tan and golden peacock
Eyes: 4mm 3D eyes
Head Cement and Fletch Tite for adhesive

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Any chance that you know of subs for the Bullfrog or Starburst dubbing, since I don't have it among my current inventory?

Starburst dubbing is a finely shredded tinsel type dubbing so any type will work... bullfrog is actually a dry fly dubbing that has extra long fibers, so any long fiber dubbing will work. I use these two because they are like $0.75-$1 per pack at www.flytyersdungeon.com. Pretty cheap... but any dubbing with the above criteria will work. I'm not always picky about the type of materials used as long as you end up with a good result. Fish don't care if you use one type or another, they care about the action, size and look.

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