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Fly Tying

December Flies from the Vise

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Another LeBlanc pattern.

Added a bit more green heron than the original pattern.


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hi dan, how do you like that owner deep throat hook...it,s my bass bug hook of choice..great for divers and plunkers because of the 60 degree shank..do you ty jet bugs...this is the hook for that.. the bug will plunk in one spot for ever.

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Here is part of a box of Christmas flies tied for New England striped bass. There are a dozen+ clousers, some EP Peanut Butters, epoxy baitfish and other goodies that have worked for me over the years. A couple decievers didn't make it into the picture. Next time.






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Pattern: Don's Personal Bulldog


Hook: Mustad size 6 2xh/4xl streamer

Thread: Uni 6/0 black

weight: .020 lead, round, or equivalent, 25-30 wraps, doubled over, start at 1/2 shank length and wrap forward, leave at least 1/4" space to hook eye, use .035 if you wish just fewer wraps

tail: spirit river UV2 marabou, light rust, strip both sides of quill and combine with tip, my variation includes a small amount of UV2 fluorescent orange marabou

hackle: combine orange grizzly bugger/saddle, and olive grizzly bugger/saddle, tied so that the orange is behind the olive as it is wrapped forward

body: medium, olive pearl chenille, use UV chenille as an alternate if desired

wire: large copper wire counter-wrapped to the hackle

head cement the tapered thread head


This is a fly used by Don and Dale Freschi from "Sports Fishing on the Fly", that they have had a lot of success with on the Columbia River and other locations here in BC. I'm tying about 20 of these as part of my Christmas gifts for some friends and family.


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