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Fly Tying
Ed Gallop

What Is A "Professional" Fly Tier

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Hi Group,


We've been watching this "thread" with interest. We know a number of people who make (or made) their living in "fly fishing" but that really encompasses a bunch of different things. For example, we know of several fly shop owners in West Yellowstone who tie flies through the winter, do some speaking engagements to take a break from the vise, guide and run their fly shop during the "season" and do whatever else they need to "keep-the-lights-on." Are they professionals? Who knows. We used to do the same ourselves but now that we are semi-retired, we just tie a few flies (400 dozen or so) and write a few articles to help with travel expenses while traveling to the next fishing spot. BUT for many years we did a bunch of different things in "fly fishing" to make a living. Were we professionals? I don't know but the IRS sure expected the estimated taxes every quarter and on 15th of April whether we met the college professor's definition or not. Take care & ...

Al and Gretchen... If anyone is a professional it would be you two. I have your books, read your articles, and even have a few of your flies displayed on my wall along with A.K. Best and others I admire and would call professional. I tied my first bullethead hair style flies and Wonder Wing flies after seeing yours. Guess you can tell that I'm one of your many fans.

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