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For redfish from Louisiana to Key Largo, the Red Jig Slider pushes a lot of water, has a ton of food-like movement, and gets down to the fish. The wide gap jig hook has a good track record of finding fish lips, and the heavy Tungsten Hour Glass eyes make sure the fly flips over and swims correctly. Although the hair is spun on the top side of the hook shank (the side the fish see), mastering the technique lays the groundwork for creating all kinds of spun deer hair heads and bodies.

Video Instructions: How To Tie The Red Jig Slider




Red Jig Slider Materials:


Hook: Mustad Wide Gap Jig Hook 91768NP-BN #1/0

Thread: Ultra GSP Thread 75 Orange

Eyes: Flat-End Tungsten Hour Glass Eyes Gold Med with 3D Eyes 3/16″ Solid Orange

Tail Guard: Mason Hard Type Nylon 20 lb.

Tail: Tiger Barred Magnum Rabbit Strips Black Barred Orange Over Tan

Collar: Rabbit Strips Crosscut Tan

Head: Premo Deer Hair Strips Rusty Brown, Orange

Weedguard: Mason Hard Type Nylon 20 lb.

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