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Fly Tying

Panfish Swap With A Twist

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Breambuster is hosting a swap based on an ad that said every fly fisherman should have 13 basic flies in his box, and each tier picked one of those 13 patterns. I fish a lot of ponds for bluegill, and after consulting Breambuster, I'm stealing his concept with the twist being towards panfish.


After extensive research (I googled Top Panfish Flies), a found an article from Fly Fisherman Magazine by Skip Morris (October 17, 2016), listing what he says are the best panfish flies.


I tried to search the pattern database to make certain all the patterns were listed, but I had trouble getting results. There are a couple I'm not sure about, but we'll find the pattern if necessary.


So, just like Breambuster's swap, each tier will pick one of the 10 patterns and tie nine of it. The first nine tiers to claim a pattern are in. All the usual rules apply: toetags, SASE, etc. I haven't hosted that many swaps, so let's keep this one to USA only. Deadline: I must receive them by February 28.


The Ten Best Panfish Flies Are:


  1. Popper: djh262-Received

  2. Sponge Spider: vcrider-Received

  3. Predator: Breambuster-Received

  4. F-C Mackie Bug: dflanagan-Received

  5. J's Grinchworm: Colonel Mel-Completed

  6. SMP: bertgwen-Received

  7. Carrot Nymph: wmw4:Recieved

  8. Woolly Worm: vicente-Received

  9. Clouser Minnow: Kudu-Received

  10. 10 Fat Head Diver: Mike West-Received



If I missed anything, let me know.

Colonel Mel

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That's the one, Mike West. Each tier with get only one, so you and I will be the only ones that know they may vary a bit. Go for it.

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I'm way behind with my swap, Bob's swap and now your swap plus all the other stuff I have to do. I still working my 50 -60 or more hour weeks at 68 years old. And add in trying to learn to play a violin/fiddle which means practice time every day. I may push the deadline, but I will do my best.

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Glad you're making time for this swap, Breambuster. I have my great-great grandfather's fiddle. Had it restored when I got it in the 70s, and tried but never was able to play it beyond some basics.

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