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Fly Tying
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Flyfishing entomology podcast and trivia quiz

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Hi Folks,


Been a long long time since I've posted here, been wrapped up in other ventures lately. But I've put together a few things you may be interested in. Both are free, and I"m not making money off of this, so I don't think this counts as an advertisement. Anyway, I have a background in entomology, and have fished for years, so I put the two together and made a podcast about entomology as it relates to fly fishing. It's called Angler's Entomology Podcast and can be found at these sites:







Secondly, for my wife and my entertainment I made a "quizup" called Angler's Entomology. Quiz-up is an app that gives you trivia quizzes on different subjects. This one has pics of bugs, flies, and asks for ID, scientific names, and some silly trivia. I think it is a good tool in terms of learning life stages and insect identification by sight. It has about 200 questions online, and I'll add more probably this spring once I take more bug pics. You can download it on the app store or find it here:




Anyways, hope I'm not breaking any site rules, if you enjoy the podcast and/or the quizup pass it along. I hope you enjoy them.





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