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2nd Australian Casting for Recovery Donation Swap

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Guys and girls. We've got 12 fly boxes sorted and ready to ship to Canberra.


Plus a number if extras I'll be leaving up to the organisers to distribute.


Thank you once again for your support. I will keep you all up to date with progress.

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Guys and girls.


I just got the below email from the organisers for the retreat. Thanks again everyone.





Hi David, just posted this photo on CfR Facebook. What a great collection of flies! and the S/W are wonderful too. I have a couple of friends who are off to Christmas Is next week, the may want to but them and the flies may not get to auction if I can get a good price (my S/w donations). Please thank your friends for their generosity and willingness to spend time on the CfR program. This is so much more in value than donating a few bucks, this requires work! The ACT Fly Fishers are really grateful for your continued support. Please pass on our gratitude to your tying mates. Maybe you can tell them that a couple of the women of the last retreat have taken on FF and came on a club fishing trip recently. I guided one of them and she had her Stockard box in her vest and the flies that came with it. I'll keep you posted on the next retreat in September. Thanks again, cheers Nick.



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