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Fly Tying

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This fly is supposed to mimic a shrimp, however its a bit abstract. Its more about forcing a strike based on the movement and instinct rather than just visual cues. However this fly is one of the best for bonefish and does work very well. The calf tail is the most common fur used for these, but you could use many other natural materials including buck tail, or arctic fox tail. There are also many synthetic materials that work great with this fly as well. I have even known people to fish for panfish with this fly with a smaller hook. Whether your saltwater or freshwater fishing, this fly is a great fly that you should keep in your fly box

Hook: Gamakatsu SL45 - size 6
Thread: Danville's 210 waxed - brown
Weight: Dumbell eyes - small, black
Body Wrap: saltwater sized flashabou, clear D-wrap
Wing: calf tail - tan
Flash: crystal flash - light orange

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