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A few episodes back on my fly fishing channel, I asked if anyone wanted to see a fly I fought a fish on. This was a deer hair collar head zonker type streamer with some rubber legs and lots of flash. Everyone said they wanted to see it, so here it is. Im no expert at spinning deer hair, but its good enough to fish with, and it catches fish. I am happy with it, and so are the fish. Im sure all you here can give me more pointers though on this, as I am no expert, or even OK at doing this.

Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 - size 2
Cone Head: 6mm silver
Thread: Danville's "big fly" thread - black
Tail: 1/8" barred rabbit zonker
Tail Flash: Gold crystal flash and black holographic flashabou
Dubbing: Starburst dubbing - golden peacock
Gill: Calf tail - red
Collar: Olive deer body hair
adhesive: Hard as hull head cement

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I think your deer hair work looks good! Great fly - I'm going to go tie some right now. :)

Thanks! Please post a pic of yours when your done! I wanna see how it looks.

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