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I'm working in the "park" today. Clearing a bit more, looking more and more like part of our yard.


Found a snake I'd never even heard of before. Called a "Pine Wood Snake". They only get about 12 inches long, so the one I had was full grown. We didn't get a picture of it, but it's a pretty little snake, tan/brown back, yellow white belly with a slight pattern on its head.


picture from the web.


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Here's a few I've come across in the last month. The black rat snake I saved from one of those mouse sticky traps, man was he mad after I peeled him out.

The green snake was really cool looking, about 3' long and only as big around as a pencil.

Bright orange box turtle I scooted out of the road.

Rescued the little ring necked snake from a spider web, he was maybe 4" long. Never seen one of those before.





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