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Fly Tying
Mike West

Warm Water / Top Water Swap..

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This swap is geared towards Bream,Crappie & Small Bass.

Looking for 12 participants

You will need to tie twice the entries,meaning if we get 12 you will tie 24...If we get 10 then you will tie 20...If get 8 then you will tie 16...If we don't get at least 8 I will not host it. I'm tying also so you will not get your own fly back plus I'll throw at lest 2 dozen in as a bonus.


All flies can be a different pattern,size and color...you do not have to tie the same thing over and over....3 of this...4 of that...6 of these...what ever.


To divide them up I will pick a fly put all partipants names in a hat and pull a name.



Da Rules/Restricions

Hook size....12 - 6

Body/Head of the fly...Deer Hair, Cork, Foam, Balsa wood


Has to be a top water fly or ride no deeper than 1" under the surface.


Dead line: June 5th....that means you drop them in mail in time to arrive to me by 6-5-17.

I'll leave this open to entries until 5-13-17 then close it.


Standard Swap Rules apply .....



Thank you



1. rht95....Recieved 5/30

2. dflanagan....Recieved 6/3

3. Foambug

4. fshng2....Recieved 5/22

5. jjs89yj...Recieved 6/6

6. Mandog....Recieved 6/3

7. add147....Recieved 6/3

8. Mainard....Recieved 5/25


OK we have 8. I'm closing it down to further participants

Good luck everyone. Looking forward to it.

Edited by Mike West

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Looks like they work huh? ..😉


OK Boys & Girls...closing it down in the morning..Last chance to join in.

Jump in the water is fine.


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Mike please PM address.

Finished second set, just need to put on toe tags.

1st set Yellow Gurgler.

2nd set Olive Caddis W/ Hot Spot.



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