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Dave's UV prawn - unweighted: SBS

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Ok. Piker20 requested a step by step for a prawn i put up in the saltwater fly thread.


As expected the result is slightly different but you'll get the gist I think.



Hook: gamakatsu b10s #6

Thread: monofilament

Egg sack: hot orange flat-waxed nylon

Underbody and legs: white bms blend or SLF or in my case a 50/50 mix of fuzzle dub and micro-brite dubbing

Eyes: burnt 20 or 40lb mono painted black with a little epoxy.

Feelers: one strand of crystal flash.





1 and 2. Tie in your base of mono thread, followed by your egg sack.


3. Tie in your mono eyes on top of the hook shank.




4. Dub your under body



5. Add your first layer of uv resin, flash cure (5 or 10 seconds), theb double over your crystal flash so it forms your feelers. At this point you can whip finish and trim of your thread.



6. Then continue adding small amounts of uv resin to build the body.



7. When you're largely happy with the shape, its then time to tease out the dubbing. I like to use a velcro dot on an ice cream stick.




8. You may want to continue shaping your prawn by progressively adding small layers. But once you are happy trim your feelers and you're done.



This is roughlyvwhat the finished product looks like. There are many of you here woth better skills than I, so i expect that some of your producta will simply be stunning.


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