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A soft hackle I have been slamming trout with lately

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Thread: Danville 140 denier Dark Brown

Hook: Daiichi 2xl nymph hook size 10

Bead: 2.8mm Tungsten in copper

Tail: Merriams turkey (secondary tail fan feather)

body: Merriams turkey (secondary tail fan feather)

ribbing: copper wire size brassie (use small for smaller nymphs)

thorax: coyote fur (I pinch from around the ear area)

soft hackle: Ruffed grouse (I use breast feathers) (this was from a female grouse)


I had great success on Fathers day, and this morning on this pattern both in the large, and small varieties. THis mornings outing I caught one of each trout (brown, brook trout, rainbow, and golden rainbow) that you can catch in PA. I did not get a tiger, but I wouldn't consider that part of the slam. What put the icing on the cake was the brown was wild, and the brookie was a native.
















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I'm not surprised your local trout liked those softies, they look tasty. I like those Grouse feathers, they make a beautiful hackle. I also like the light colored thorax of coyote, it could easily represent the lighter color of an adult mayfly as it starts to emerge from it's skin. I don't know if that's what the trout think when they see it, but that's what I think when I see it.

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Nice! I love soft hackles. That looks like it would catch trout all year long in various sizes. Great pattern; thanks for sharing the recipe and clear photos.

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What do you think would be a good color substitute for the coyote mask? I was thinking maybe red fox tail underfur?

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Honestly it's such a suggestive pattern that you can really use anything. I liked the orange as it was noted earlier kind of looks like the mayfly coming out. But I've tied a few in the last couple days using pheasant tail for the tail, French tinsle rib, then just dubbing to about 1/8 or 3/16" from the bead. Ribbed the dubbing then slapped some hackle on and they still caught fish.


I was kind of going for a March brown with this one but had a better thought for that that I didn't get to put on the vise yet.


But grey squirrel fur, pine squirrel, anything "buggy" dubbing should slam them.


All I know is I'm addicted to the darn things. Lol

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A couple other variations. I guess how I tie these doesn't really follow proportions or tying practice "standards" but boy do they work. LOL I had to try a pink one. very simple pattern with thousands of possibilities.


These were fish from this morning.









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Most of my takes have been dead drifts. I will lift at the end of the drift but 90% of my success has been on dead drifts, however I am a nymph fisherman, and pretty much all I have ever been.


I am not really a swinger but plan on getting into that but these have 3.8mm tungsten bead heads on them, so I don't think they will swing well unless you lift at the same time? Not well versed in swinging wet flies.

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