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Ok here you go! Tim didn't include any of your videos since I'm pretty sure you wouldn't include them!


Fan of this one (none are mine), just something different. Deciever -


Here is my favorite clouser video -


Got to have intheriffle included as well! - Here's a crazy Charlie -


Those are some of my favorite fly tying, and I know they're saltwater so please leave them/some out if you are going for a fresh-centric video.

In The Riffle is included...thanks!


Oops sorry forgot link.



Got it added, and what a great tie!


Rupert Harvey


1. Fat Boy Mullet https://youtu.be/owMDYN1Rw4A

2. How to tie Mylar Mackerel Crease Fly


Jim Misiura

1. My Top Fishing Flies Series #1 thru #6

2. Introduction To Fly Tying Tools And Materials

The Mylar Mackerel is now on the page, thanks...


There are quite a few very good ones, but to throw another into the ring, recently I've become a big fan of Barry Ord Clarke. Search YouTube for him or The feather bender or his website - thefeatherbender.com.

Mr. Clarke has some great videos out there, and I added him to the page.


Thanks again for the suggestions!



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I second Barry Ord Clarke,

Fly tying Clips by Herman de Gala

Davie McPhail

Dave Cammis

Tim Cammisa in small doses lol Just kidding yer .

The boys at Fly fish food

In the riffle

Jim Misiura

Capt Matt Thomas

Pat Cohen

Toxic Flies

There are too many to mention lol these are just some of my faves.

There are quite a few good Nordic tiers too

Whoops should have read the brief ....lol

Hi Retro,


Small doses of me for sure! Ha ha...


So you have some great tyers and channels listed, though a lot to go through. Here's the page where I'm adding them: http://www.troutandfeather.com/fly-tying-videos/#/best-of-the-rest/ I've included a few of those you suggested. If you could give me any specific video links to the patterns you'd like, that would be really helpful. Thanks again!



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The Flytying.eu channel on Youtube from my countryman Daniel Holm is great. He's just so great a personality. And makes good videos and nice flies. In the springtime he also livestreamed at bit.

Also i like the vids on the Ahrex Hooks channel

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Old post but I ran into some really neat Shane Stalcup videos on Netknots' YouTube channel, which I haven't seen mentioned on FTF before. Not sure how Netknots got the rights but they're wonderful to watch and learn from. My current fav is the deer legs CDC emerger, but I've only just now started watching them. Makes me want to go buy his mayflies top to bottom, but I promised myself I'd hold of on new books until I tie more from the ones I've got.

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William Tedrick has one of the best videos for making knotless tapered furled leaders for bass bugs using Power Pro line but the technique is good for all size furled leaders..just google Fishtales- all twisted up.

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