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I too have Tiogas (two 6's and an 8 )and Batttenkills ( 3 older discs (2/3 and two 4/5's) and a new LA 4 )I also have a Loomis Adventure 3 that my wife loves and am getting her a 7 , I am quite happy with them all but the Tiogas for the money I think are the best. my opinion anyway.


I also just picked up an Albright GPX 5/6 for one of my trout streamer rods that so far seems very sweet-but a little more money- $190.00.


Also for the money ( 40-60 bucks) if you can find the "OLD" SA system 1's- ( they made a 456 and a 789) they are workhorses and even used today they are as good as anything new. Just a pawl drag though if you could live with that.


Happy Easter, davy

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