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Fly Tying

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The Surf Candy was originally designed by Bob Popovics and has become a staple in many saltwater fishermans boxes. Like any good fly pattern, over the years there have been many variations made. This variation utilizes a dumbbell eye to keep the hook point up which will make it a bit more weedless. While not fool proof, it will snag much less easy on driftwood or other debris on the sea floor. That means you can fish it in some places that you normally could not fish the regular surf candy. I like adding the red sparkle type dubbing right behind the dumbbell eyes to mimic a gill or bleeding spot on the fish. However this is not required and you could leave that part out.

Here is a list of all the materials I used today
Hook: Gamakatsu SC15 in size 1
1st Thread: Danville's 210 Flat Waxed in Red
2nd Thread: Danville's Fine Monofilament Thread
Weight: Painted Medium Lead Dumbbell Eye
Bleed Spot: Starburst Dubbing in red
Bottom Fiber: Unique Hair in clear/white
Top Fiber: Super Hair in light blue
1st Resin: Solarez "Thin Hard" UV curing resin
2nd Resin: Solarez "Thick Hard" UV curing resin
3rd Resin: Solarez "Bone Dry" UV curing resin

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