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Traditional Baby Brookie Streamer

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This small streamer has a bit of a background. I went fishing up in a high sierra lake, and threw every single fly I had in my box at the fish. This was the last fly I tried, and all of a sudden I got a hit, and another hit. The fish were hitting this fly left and right. I even had a few jump out of the water for it. So, many of you had asked I tie one like it. The only problem is I couldn't get orange bucktail and couldn't get the exact same hook. But it is all close enough, and the fly turned out pretty good. I think I will have great luck with this fly.

Hook: Umpqua TMC 300 size 12
Thread: UTC Ultra Thread 70 in Black
Wing and tail: Bucktail in forest green, red, white and pink
Dubbing: Laser dub in white
Ribbing: Holographic silver tinsel
UV Resin: Solarez "bone dry"

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Try a Daiichi 2340 or my preference for bucktail streamers, Mustad 3665A.


Oh and just to mention, I think you mean "hair stacker", not hair packer.

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