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Fly Tying

Classic wet fly swap

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A few folks showed some interest in this swap so let's get it started. Looking for twelve tyers to do some traditional wet flies. Examples can be seen in the following link: http://hatchesmagazine.com/blogs/Hatches/category/ray-bergman-collection/


Usual swap rules apply. SASE, toe tags, etc. Due date of October 20.





1: WoodenLegs RECEIVED

2: vicrider RECEIVED


4: atxdiscgolfer RECEIVED

5: xxxx

6: Bryon Anderson RECEIVED

7: Trouta_Control RECEIVED

8: chugbug27 RECEIVED

9: wmw4 RECEIVED

10: EuroOrBust RECEIVED

11: Flat Rock native

12: Bruce Derington RECEIVED

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This is a fly that spun off of a joking post on another board. The post was about a fly called the Captain the used white floss for the body. Since substitutions for materials are quite common I subbed chenille for the white floss and it is now the "The Captain and Chenille".


DSC01707 (2).JPG


Unfortunately Love couldn't keep them together...


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This is an older article but still has a plethora of wet flies of all style with pictures and recipes for each. Never run out of styles to tie.




Adlibbing a little on this swap, if you notice most of these flies use hooks as big as a 6 and seldom smaller than a 10. This is why many think they are taken either just for the bling effect or as minnows. They really don't match insect life that well but sure are pretty.

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while some winged wet flies offer a little more bling than others, they are also tied to represent mayflies, caddis/sedges and even terrestrials

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