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Classic Hairwing Salmonfly Swap

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I would like to host this swap for Classic Hairwing Salmonflies. I am limiting the Swap Participants to NO more than 8 people. Please see an example below of these that Flytire previously posted. Due Date - November 15th


SM- Fall Favorite

1. dflanagan- Silver Doctor- received

2. rockworm- Rats- received

3. mogup- Cosseboom

4. stabgnid- Green Butt Skunks-received

5. flytire- October Copper- received

6. chugbug27- Brora- received

7. vicrider- tbd- received

8. cphubert- received

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Is there any way to edit the name of the swap; i think everyone thinks this swap is connected to the Classic Wet Fly Swap either that or no one is showing much interest

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What you may see as a lack of interest may just be members enjoying their weekend offline, given the time of year. I agree that a title change to "Hairwing Salmon Fly Swap," or something similar, isn't a bad idea. Maybe a PM to Steve would make it happen.

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