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Materials Swap??

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I believe he's saying 20$ value in materials not 20$ in cash. I would consider joining I have more of sombre things than I am likely to ever use.

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I'd be interested if this does happen.. a few years ago there was a couple boxes going around unfortunately one box went missing long before it made it my direction and the other box some took all the quality items from it and replaced with a bunch of cheap crap.


Sadly it is difficult to trust people these days and there is always that one person who ruins it for the rest.


Maybe we could have one person/swap meister who we each would send say a selection of minimum $20 worth of extra materials plus return postage costs. And then that person takes everything and makes an assorted "grab bag" for each swapper.

I do understand that one person may end up with a pack of hooks, some beads, 2 spools of thread and some mallard flank where another may get say an Indian cock neck and a couple spools of tinsel. However for me it would not only be a surprise but a chance to possibly add something I don't have to my sadly small collection of materials..


I would offer to be swap meister but I'm pretty sure I don't qualify yet.. but maybe someone here has the time for such an undertaking?


Just a thought..

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Yes, the last one got hijacked by a couple of guys, one went to prison, the other never responded to the certified letter that I sent him asking about the box, and the third got confiscated at the US/Canada border for many items that weren't supposed to be sent without proper paperwork. I didn't know it had to have paperwork:) I tried to keep the boxes moving when I could, but it cost a bit to ship then, and it's more now, and one of the boxes was a bunch of crap that wasn't worth much when it got to me.


I do like the idea of sending it to a SM, and I'd be up for it, I have materials that I've purchased and then realized that I had no use for them and they are collecting dust in my tying area, but they are new and still in the package. I like many others went out an bought too much stuff when I started, and will never use all of it, or even some of it, and I have way too much of for me to use up in a lifetime.



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