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Late 2017 Euro style / Nymphs Swap

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All of the flies are boxed and ready to go. I will get them out tomorrow. Thanks everyone for another great swap. I'm asking everyone to post the recipe for your flies. I for one want to copy each one so I don't loose the original and have nothing.



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Black and Gold Perdigon

Hook: Dohiku 644 #12

Weight: Black Tungsten Bead- 3.3mm

- wrap thread behind eye to match inside diameter of bead; tye off thread

- coat thread bump with thin layer superglue

- slide bead over thread to eye

Thread: Black 8/0 and 6/0 Uni

Body: Black Single-Strand Floss

Rib: Gold Mylar Tinsel- smallest

Tail: Black cock fibers- ca 6; 1.2 -1.5 shank length

-build up tapered body with 6/0 Uni; tye off

-wind a smooth floss body

-wrap 4-5 turns tinsel

-double whip thread behind bead

Coat body with UV resin & zap 10 sec

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Vladi's Polish Nymph (Josef)



I haven't seen a material list for this particular rendition by Vladi, but there's no magic to the materials. Use a heavy czech hook size 8-12, a tungsten bead to match color scheme, build a smooth base for the body with thread and/or extra weight for a caddis type shape, rib to match body, and shuttle weave a body with two contrasting or otherwise compelling colors of DMC floss. Dub a collar to match backside of weave. I added a hot spot, but Vladi's don't have hot spots. I also used a darker thorax than Vladi seems to be using.


The real secret to this is the weave. Here are the videos I relied on:






I also found it extremely helpful to wet the floss before weaving.


Here are the materials I used:


Hook: Fulling Mill 35060 Czech Barbless #12 (Note: some brands won't accommodate a bead; this one does)

Bead: Competitive Angler countersunk tungsten gold 4.00 mm

Weight: Golf tape, cut into ~1/8" strips

Thread: UTI 70 Hopper Yellow

Rib: Small copper wire

Body: DMC Floss - dark brown (#3371) and light orange (#?)

Collar; SLF Dark Brown (Vladi uses something lighter, maybe hare's ear)

Hot Spot: Uni Fire Orange 6/0

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Hook: Hanak 400BL #14
Bead: 2.8mm slotted tungsten bead in black nickel
Weight: 3 turns .20 lead free wire
Thread: UTC 70 in brown
Tail: wood duck fibers
Body: stripped grizzly hackle quill dyed a light brown. Coated in UV Loon flow.
Collar; (50% dark hare's ear 50% Seal Ex Isonychia)

Hot Spot: UTC 70 in red

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Psycho Prince


Hook: Allen J100BL, Size 14

Bead: Rip Lips tungsten slotted disco, gold (slot is a little large, but allows .015 lead wraps to be pushed inside)

Weight: .015 lead wire, 12-14 turns (I want it to sink fast)

Thread: Black 8/0

Tail: Hareline stripped goose biots, brown

Body: 75% Purple dubbing (no longer have the label) mixed with 25% Hareline icedub uv brown

Rib: Ultra Wire, hot yellow size small

Wing: Hareline stripped goose biots, fl. orange

Thorax: Wapsi sow-scud, amber

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Hook: daichi 1560 #16

Small beadhead black nickel

Tail - brown schlappen barbs

Rib - Fine copper wire

Thread brown 8/0 wrapped slightly tapered

Wrap wire about 3/4 along shank leaving small gap for thorax. Tie off wire.

Add sdns beetle back dub for thorax.

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Hook: #14 Saber 5220 round bend jig

Bead: 7/64" slotted tungsten gold

Thread: UTC140 Fl. Cerise

Tail/Body: Pheasent tail

Rib: UTC copper MES.

Thorax: UV2 Sealex flame red

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hackle fibers

body quill

uv resin


so how much extra did you have to pay for postage?

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