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Fly Tying

Show your bench

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I thought I had an impressive tying area .........until I saw those pictures. LOL

Dude, that is a serious investment you have there. Serious!!

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My little corner of fly fishing heaven. All cleaned and organized for the new year. This was taken a couple days ago. Now I can barely see the surface of my desk lol





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Starting out the new year with some bench changes. Made a portable bench for my travel trailer last summer and incorporating it in the house also. Hook/thread spool box on a lazy susan to move from house to trailer. LED lights on a track. Decent cleaning and inventory before visiting the Fly Fishing Show this weekend.


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I started this tread not knowing it was done before, but I am Very glad I did!

its so cool to see how folks have their desks set up to work on and gives others including myself great ideas

how to set up their own.

there are things I like in every photo, that map in petter's and flygirls pics put a big smile on my face.


I thank every one of you for posting!

thinking of starting another....


"who has the most messy bench competition"


or how about....


"the worst looking fly of the month"


just for fun competitions


its just my nature to be light hearted and have fun at times, life is short.

having a laugh is great for the site and gives it more of a community feel.


Keep the photo's coming gents and ladies!

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