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Crafty Layered Shrimp

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This is technically a brown shrimp imitation, but I think it could work (even at this coloration) for other shrimp as well. You could also tie this in other colors also. Its flashy, and has lots of movement. This fly really does work, and I caught one speckled sea trout on it when I took my trip to corpus for redfish fishing. I only caught 2 fish, and both were speckled trout. This one was the largest of the two.

Shrimp are a very common food source for many fish, both freshwater and saltwater species. Brown shrimp are very common food sources for fish like redfish, speckled trout, and flounder in the gulf of mexico.

Here is a list of materials I used on this fly, and a link to where you can purchase them.
Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 size 2
Thread: Veevus power thread 140 in fluorescent pink
Feelers: Tan Grizzly Marabou
Flash: Gold Crystal Flash
Eyes: Hand Made Mono Shrimp Eyes
Collar: Tan Grizzly Marabou
Body: Tan Craft Fur
Tail: Tan Starburst Dubbing

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