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Fly Tying

Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout...

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Here is hoping that you believe imitation is the sincerest form of Phlattery. Those last two just moved up to the top on my LCA Magic to-do list

'Same Idea as the Johnny Winter Albino Welded Wide Body but with a Different Take...

COQ DE LEON Rooster Cape [white and light pardo]...

White base pheather, then a Light Pardo, topped with several strands of Krystal Phlash then one last Light Pardo topper...

3D eyes encapsulated with the magic LCA...





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Wrapped n' Welded Phlat Wang Broad Spectrum Stimulator... on an AHREX NS172 Curved Gammerus #2

almost but not quite barbless, fine strong wire, large gap...





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Mini Welded Wide Body Tunnel Hull... on a Preditor #10...

for Speckled Trout around Beaufort Inlet...



Wrapped n' Welded Broad Spectrum Stimulator variant... on a #2 barbless Partridge Patriot Stinger...



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A couple smaller in size range but no less Fantasmagoric and Phishable; all adaptable to my Phreshwaters. You set the bar high for everyone wishing to emulate, Pete.


Other update that may be of interest to viewers (lots on this thread) -


I Shot the before Fotos for a phuture Review of that J-Vice posted above; ready to polish up a teeny bit to shoot some after fotos that hopephully show the durability and supreme workmanship that Jay Smit built into this.


Beautiful new Big Red, J-Vice on sale -auction at Ebay. Somebody could be going to get a great deal on it; it is #1065 so it is fairly recent vintage with the complete accessory package.


And I found the saved, bundled clippings taken off my little Maltese dog, Winter Johhnny, nice translucent, phlowing phibres when wet. So many choices to tie, so little time but he's envious of that fine Shepherd source of tying hair of you posted. Now playing with his ChiWeenie phriend from Cheyenne (light bulb on now) with a nice brown, black and white mottled coat- AND needing a trim; more phree Christmas stuff!


Hope your phishing is still going as phine as your LCA welding sculpture. Thanks for posting!

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Mr Powershooter and Mr FRn... et al... Thank's for your kind encouragement...

IMHO: Photographing my phlyz makes me a better tyer and/or tier... sharing the results, all the better...

Sometimes I'll sleep on an idea or shot for DAZE and then it happens...

When "it" comes together, the entire process can be quite consuming and a pure pleasure...


'several additional angles from yesterevening's exercise...

[that I slept on and finished this morning before coffee]




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I was trying to make it easier to place the hackle consistently at an angle that would create bulk, so I made a cone with braided tubing, like I have seen in other pike flies. I could have tied it hiding the thread completely, but I did not think about it this time.


The last picture shows the hollow core of the cone.







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