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Fly Tying
eastern fly

Spring Life Cycle

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Thanks, Kevin. Should have gone back to post 1, hoping to have mine done before some New Year's travel. GP has been giving me strong suggestions, so timing will not be an issue....

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How this works. There will be groups of four with a maximum of 4 groups. You are only in one group unless you want in another one, and I will be in each group so you don't get one of your's back. This due date will be spring time to give me time. You pick one bug and do a nymph, emerger and your choice for the dry as in dun,spinner etc depending on your bug. Send stamps with your return package so time will not be a factor in the return. If you are international please send cash, stamps or PayPal for your postage. Let's have some fun.


Group #1


2. atxdiscgolfer Black Midge

3. Dubs BWO here

4. Fisherboy0301 Caddis


Group #2


2. Flat Rock native Callibaetis

3. BassBugn Eastern Green Drake

4. Wetsock Hendrickson


Group #3


2. GP flyfisherman March Brown

3. chugbug27 Pale Morning Dun

4. stabgnid


Group #4


2. Bruce Derington Hendrickson

3. rockworm B. vagans

4. bellevue.chartreuse.trout March Brown

Also, need shipping address, Thanks for letting me join the fun...

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Apologies... There are 3 tiers (including myself) plus host in group. I send host 3 nymphs, 3 emergers, and 3 dries (not 4, right? The 4th set I keep for myself, right?). I receive back 2 nymphs, 2 emergers, and 2 dries tied by others, or is host also making a set of flies so that I receive back 3 nymphs, 3 emergers, and 3 dries tied by others?

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eastern - took box to post office and mailed.


Can't seem to pm from this computer downstairs - so I'll pm you a little later tonight with details, tracking number, etc...


Says estimated arrival is Friday.



Thanks I will let you know when I get them.



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