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Fly Tying

Paint for poppers?

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Found this on youtube. I guess you can call it a poor man's Copic System. Going to give it a try.

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I've tried this method. Note that you can only do a few at a time as the compressed air can freezes up. Still it has allowed me to get better coloring than just using markers. BTW cheapest air I have found us at harbor freight tools. Half the price.



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I've done a very small amount with poppers but plan in the next few weeks to start messing with them a lot more based on some things I've learned here. I made up about a dozen using nail polish I bought at the dollar general store. The important part I had to learn - is allowing each layer to dry and for some reason the nail polish really takes a while to dry completely. Even after air drying for an hour - putting some polish on previous layers caused it to smudge. I put a clear polish on top which has a very subtle "sparkle" to it which may or may not improve their performance.


I caught most of my bass on store-bought poppers this past summer so I plan on putting in the time creating some of my own. I seemed to kill it on blue & yellow poppers for some reason and have been having a hard time replacing these colors at my local shop.

I want to pick up an airbrush kit (I'll probably fight my wife for time on it) but want to learn more about the process before I make the investment.


These are both REALLY BAD examples in-progress but apparently the only ones I took shots of.







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