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Fly Tying

Bass Pro Shops tools or good starter tool kits

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I need tools and cement

I have vice, a few books, a few hooks and materials enough to get me off the ground.


Just tools I am looking to spend $20 - $35


I like the razor blade over scissor thought scissors would be nice but I can buy 100 through my work for about $3

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Don’t need fly tying cement. You need Hally Hansen’s Hard as Nails, from Walmart, walgreens, CVS,... or from your wife’s supply.


For tools:


You can get a bobbin, whip finisher, bodkin and hackle pliers for under $20.

Use the scissors you have at home for now.


What do you think?

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Thank you Bimini I’m checking in to it now

Checking the website, or your wife’s supply? smile.png


My wife is always handing me super glue, the little Kiss brand bottles she uses on her nails, she doesn't like the medium thickness and I do LOL.


Sally Hansen Hard as Nails last I knew was $1.95 at the Stop and Shop down the street from my house. All it is is clear nail top coat/finish ( clear lacquer which is exactly what head cement is too). Sewing needles instead of a bodkin. You can do half hitches by hand, three half hitches will hold your fly together for as long as you want to tie that way or find a real need for a whip finisher, and as two of us mentioned you can also do whip finishing by hand ( look on you tube, there are a few good videos on hand whip finishing). It's always good to know how to hand whip or half hitch a fly because right when you want it most is when you will misplace your whip finisher, like the hatch is on and you need to tie up a few flies and you can't find that sucker.

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