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Fly Tying

January Flies from the Vise

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I'm kind of liking this UV resin. Takes some time, and clean up afterwards, but it make a cool looking fly.


Another attempt at a grass shrimp/scud hybrid.


Richmond Flies 2018 008.JPG


I think the Bluegill will like it.

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Ermine Moth



A vintage pattern attributed to the Rev. Edward Powell. Instructions also call for it be tied with opposing partridge hackles; I prefer this Jingler variation. With a few mods, this would make a decent western Spruce Moth.
hook - Mustad 3999A #12
thread - Danville 6/0 black
tail - yarn yellowish orange
rib - Uni-Stretch black
body - dubbing white (original calls for wool; rabbit used here)
hackle - barred cream (white called for but unavailable)
collar - partridge

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Lots of tying this January, but I haven't gotten around to posting many. Great work this month by all!!!



That's a great Crawdad .
I agree

If it was me I would shave all the hair off those claws till like 1/8” short of the end.

But yeah nice tie

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I was not too crazy about the shrimp I tied yesterday, so I stripped it back to a point and added a new shell, UV resin, trimmed the hackle a bit and... here it is.









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