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Fly Tying

Soft Hackled Nymph Swap

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Tie any nymph you like in trout sizes with 2 requirements.

1. Must have a collar of some sort of soft hackle

2. Must incorporate at least 1 item of weight (lead or lead free wire, bead, heavy copper rib, or other)


I am going for nymphs with the addition of a soft hackle, not a floss body and hackle.

A larva or pupa form is ok too, any questions just ask.

I find these super effective in a lot of situations, so beef up your box.

Please do not send flies in those little ziploc baggies, it is murder on hackles

Standard rules apply. All are welcome, new swappers encouraged to join, international as well


***I don't normally ask for patterns but I think it would be helpful this time so please give at least a general idea***


Due date is March 10th


Looking for 12 members to tie 12 bugs each, plus myself



SM - Partridge Red Fox Squirrel Nymph

1. zip - Clinch Witch RECEIVED

2. Li'lDave - BH Soft Hackle Hare's Ear RECEIVED

3. Woodenlegs - BH Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail RECEIVED

4. GP flyfisherman - Prince Variant Soft Hackle RECEIVED

5. Mainard - Quill Body BH Soft Hackle RECEIVED

6. vicente -

7. fishingbobnelson - Ginger Flymph RECEIVED

8. dflanagan - BWO

9. Trouta_Control - Frenchie RECEIVED

10. chugbug27 - BH Crystal Soft Hackle

11. vicrider - PT Variant Soft Hackle RECEIVED

12. flytire - Cruncher RECEIVED

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I'll get in on this one with a Clinch Witch.My design and really busts early spring/fall rainbows.Pale morning dun seal fur body, copper rib,hen hackle,head head and size 10 hook.

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I just got a hen hackle for exactly this.


If you will have me I am in with a TBD in a #16 if that is OK (possibly beadhead Soft hackle PTN).

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BH Soft hackle hare's ear it is. #16 jig hook, tungsten bead (in brass), hare, brass rib, a little peacock hearl or similar for the thorax and natural speckled hen collar

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