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Danville not marking colors on thread spools?

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I use a lot of Danville Olive. I find that it works well for many patterns. But it is what it is; oilve-brown.

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I've honestly never paid much attention to Danville's lack of labeling until this thread, I guess I just always looked at the color of the spool and made my decision. For thread, the labeling thing sounds like something that would be more convenient for the vendors when sorting/packaging the stuff.


Hope Danville ups their game - more than one maker that I relied on for years has fallen by the wayside when new competition came along - if they didn't pull up their socks and get competitive (Penn reels a great example - they're now made overseas after Daiwa and Shimano just ran rings around those old classic Penn designs...).

Newer reels certainly became more modern and lightweight with faster retrieves, etc., but those old American made Senators from Philly could hoist a Buick off the bottom. They were also built to last with all metal parts (except maybe the drag washers), I have a few from the 70's including a 6/0 my father gave me years ago that I think is older than I am. I realize I am in the minority but I prefer older bait casters/conventional reels to the newer stuff. For bait casters, my favorite is an older 70's or early 80's Ambassadeur. Like the Senator, it was built to last and was simple enough to take apart and clean thoroughly or repair. I agree about Penn spinning reels, Shimano and Daiwa blew past them.

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