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Fly Tying
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Black Licorice Candy Cane Annelid

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This is a fly I created specifically to fish the San Juan River during a time of the year that the water turns off color. The San Juan River, for those of you who do not know, is a tailwater. And the lake above will turn over in the winter, and turn the water of the river a bit cloudy. During this time, I find a flashy fly will work really well. Most of the year, we fish tiny midge pupa (24-28), but this time of year you can fish a little larger, since the fish are less spooked by size of fly. So this I like to tie in size 18-22 depending on needs.

Here is a list of materials I used on this fly. And links to where you can purchase them online.
Hook: Daiichi 1273 in size 20
Thread: UTC Ultra Thread 70 in Black
Flash: Flashabou in Red
Ribbing: Micro Tubing in Clear
Head Cement: Solarez "Bone Dry"

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