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Plug Pulled on South Beach Bath Tub

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We had planned to walk from Skunk Hollow to Nauset Inlet this morning, but Red and I turned back after half an hour in winds over 30 with temps in the mid 30's.


So, we drove down to Chatham and found a surprise. Parking in front of the light house, it was immediately apparent that big changes have taken place on South Beach. The deep depression that was the "Bath Tub" is just about gone. An hour before low tide, it appeared to hold only about 6" of water. Also, the bars to the east have filled in substantially and the Chatham Inlet Channel now looks like it paralells North Beach (Nauset) for at least a mile to the north before a boat can get into deep water at low tide.


We then drove down to the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge HQ and had an interesting chat with Mike Brady, the Manager. He informed us that the breach in South Beach appears to be filling in and that the breach at the end of the Southway between South Beach and North Monomoy Island is really shoaled up. He offered the opinion that unless nature reverses itself, most boats traveling between Stage Harbor and Nantucket Sound to the Atlantic will be forced to go arround South Monomoy. That in itself is important news; but Mike also pointed out that it appears the washover on South Monomoy is depening and another couple storms could well split that island in two.



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