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Fly Tying

2018 casting for recovery australia

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Hello... hello...

As mentioned previously. This year I am trying to get enough donations for two sets of flies for CfR retreats. The first in Canberra (ACT) and the second in Melbourne (Victoria).

I would like participants to tie a dozen flies. No more. Of a selection of dry flies (#14/16), emergers (#14/16), nymphs (#14/16) and woolly buggers (#8 to #12).

Dries eg. Spinners, stimulator, red tag
Emergers eg. Klinkhamer, cdc emerger, possum emerge
Nymphs eg. Hares ear, ptn
Woolly buggers eg olive, tan or black

3 of each or something like that. TOTAL 12 flies.

Each set of 12 will be donated to one of the ladies participating in the retreat.

As we have 2 retreats I will make 2 lists. Please let me know if you want to participate in one or both.

1 vicrider - received
2 fishing bob - received
3 woodenlegs - Received
4 cphubert - received
5 adam Saarinen - received
6 flytire - Received
7 ward - done
8 richard w
9 richard s - done
12 Dave - Done

1 zip - Address sent
2 vicrider - received
3 fishing bob - received
4 dflanagan - received
5 Woodenlegs - Received
6 cphubert - received
7 adam Saarinen - received
8 ward - done
9 richard w
12 Dave - Done

Due date here in my hands will be 30 June. This gives me time to sort the flies into their respective boxes and get them to the hosts.

Update (12 April): Boxes have been organised, and my supplier is also going to tie up a set of nymphs for inclusion as a donation.
Everyone welcome.


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Of course you know I'm in. How about this though...I can see not wanting 13 from one and 17 from another but how about two complete sets, one for each group. Identical sets going to two different groups and it doesn't cost but a dime or two (more) to ship two sets as one, if at all. SO...I'll do two unless you don't like the idea.



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All three are in.


Bob. If you want to tie a Mrs Simpson again you are welcome. Because well... you are you.

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I did a Mrs. Simpson for the swap last year too. After all, it is an Australian original from what I read. WHOOPS...Now I re-read the stories and it Mrs. Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor in New Zealand. If it fishes in New Zealand it should fish anywhere. It's fun to tie even if a bit tricky and also makes a great looking Sculpin or Gobie with the Sculpin heads. Haven't tried them yet but they look good. Here's the ones I did for the swap last year...



And the ones I put the Sculpin head on for a Sculpin swap looked more like these I also sent to the swap.


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Mayflies are more popular here flytire. Some stimulators work as stoneflies too.



Adam. Thanks mate.

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