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Fly Tying

April Flies From The Vise

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Just Another Midge 01





Nice macro shot of that A+ fly


Thanks Nick!

You've been on a terror yourself lately.


Came up with a new/better way to mount/revolve my flies for 360 degree views.

Hence all of the animated GIF's.




You'll have to enlighten me H... ;)

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Hi Bruce, they look beautiful to me. What size hook?


Have a great day,


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I've had to take a break from tying mop flies now and then. I saw this pattern on the Global Flyfisher last fall and decided to give it a try. It's a bait fish pattern designed to float in the surface film and create a wake. The prototype worked fairly well even caught a small bass on it.

This one is tied in a tarpon fly style. Should give me a bit of bite protection if I decide to throw it a toothy critters




This is the style I probably use for most of the minnow patterns.




I'm heading up to a lake in the Poconos for a week on May 19th. Figure both the bass and sunfish should be spawning around then. Not sure how it work. I'll let you know.



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Hi All, very nice ties, feel free to use my pictures for "what not what to do" I've been tying trout flies (mostly nymphs) for about 3 weeks although years ago I tied some steelhead / salmon glo-bugs, estaz eggs, egg sucking leeches to fish the Salmon River in NY.

Here are some of the recent ones. Thanks for looking.

sz.16 fly larvae with 8-10 wraps of .020 lead free wire under the yarn I got from my wife's scrap bag, she's a knitter.



Here's a sz16 wood duck scud.



Tied these Elk hair Caddis today.



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