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Universal Nymph- great all around pattern

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Here is the Universal Nymph originated by Steve Schweitzer and published long time ago on Globalflyfisher. I discovered this model more than 10 years ago and I still tie it because it catch trout all the time. At least for me:





Hook: BL size #12-16, I prefer Bemmon 900BL which it has the shank 2x long

Thread: UTC orange

Ribbing: Tinsel wire -copper or gold

Tail: Biot in rusty brown dyed from goose

Body: Spiky Natural Hare dubb

Thorax: MR dubbing - pepper

Thorax Cover: pearl band in 2mm wide

Legs: English partridge or French Partridge

Hot Spot: Neck made of UTC orange thread



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Lucian, I am and have been a fan of your ties for a while. In this case your superb photography has joggled my brain. This pattern has been around as long as I have been tying but I just saw this method for the first time! Tying in the biot tails at the thorax and holding them in place, over the dubbing, with the ribbing has me totally rethinking my entire nymph box.

Rocco, I can see that with a peacock herl body and dark thorax. Prince Nymph Variant comes to mind quickly.

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I'm glad that you find the model interesting.

Here is a link for step by step: http://globalflyfisher.com/patterns/the-universal-nymph

The fly was invented by Steve Schweitzer . It has a little bit of stonefly nymph in it and mayfly nymph too. I consider it a great searching pattern due to grey color- brown from tails and side body and pearly back combined with partridge legs :)

It take any kind of fish, from trout to grayling, whitefish and even bass.



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Tied a few up. Did not have rusty colored biots so used live and some waterfowl feathers instead of partridge.

Now to try then in the water.



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You can tie in any color combination you like. The most important is to have a fly colored in the colors from your local insects.

I also tie with light grey colored bodies and I use olive-green biots:


Another quite important think that I noticed is to make the body not very slim. If will be slim, then the biots will cover when you wrap the tinsel.

So here bellow you can see the body and how slim it is, in fact even this one I consider it almost too slim. On the other side if is too fat will not sink very fast but the size of the bead can be increased


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