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Fly Tying

Hired by my local Fly Shop... advice needed!

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1st off congrats...I hope it works out well for you.

Being successful has many meanings to many people.

To me it means being able to live comfortably getting paid for something you enjoy doing and look forward to doing everyday.

Its so much easier to get up and go to work that way.


Be like the Sun...reliable... be there every day at the same time. To the point if you are not and you havent called in the boss is thinking

about calling your family or the police because something is wrong.


The Golden rule will help you in all aspects of life...Treat others like you would like to be treated.

This doesnt always work in sales with a Boss that wants you to push things.

Its a deep subject..think about it.


And as others said dont BS folks..if you dont know the correct answer from actual experience or training say so and tell them you will find the answer for them.


You are only 16,there is a ton of stuff you dont know and arent exspected to.

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Smile a lot, and be pleasant. Ask questions but don't be a pest. Look for things to do. Ask, "may I help you?"


Ask the boss if there is anything else he needs you to do, before you leave, every day.


Be on time, every time.


Dress like the other guys. If they wear a button up shirt, don't wear a t shirt.


Don't ask how to do something more than once, unless it is really complicated. In other words, pay close attention. You do NOT know a better way, unless you get permission to change to your way of doing something. If the boss says no, it is no.


Do all of your duties promptly and without having to be told. If I have to keep pointing out that the floor needs sweeping, I look for a new employee. Your boss doesn't have time to follow you around and tell you what to do.


And most important, leave your cell phone in the car or turn it off while at work.


You have been given excellent advice above.




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I wish you the best. It's good to hear about people with a passion in the business over mass production overseas. I gave it a whirl but couldn't hack it.


I tied flies for several years and loved every minute of it. I would go through catalogs and recreate everything I saw and really started to geek out about speed with perfection. I taught a few classes, sold some online, gifted a lot to friends. Then I landed a very part time gig tying for a local fly shop. It wasn't long before I hated every minute of it. In a nutshell, I loved tying leisurely and hated production on the clock. I had an unrelated full time job, two kids, a garden, a dog, did I mention a wife? It just didn't fit into my lifestyle when I was brutally honest. Fly shop went under when Cabelas, Bass Pro, Scheels, etc. moved into the area and I resumed tying for pleasure. I'm enjoy it now more than ever. Maybe when I retire for good, I may be more likely to enjoy production.

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