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Home made foam cutters:

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After a previous thread about River Road Cutters, I started thinking about how to make my own. While I am sure the River Road cutters are better, they can cost up to $60.00 for a full set of just one pattern. I don't tie enough foam body flies to need all these sets of cutters, so I started tinkering and I now have a couple of cutters that will make some different shapes. The second set is adjustable, and I can make several different sets from it.


Before going into the what and how, I have to make the following WARNING. Razor blade are SHARP and it is easy to cut yourself with them. I urge extra caution when handling these, and it making these types of cutters.


A single side razor blade can be bend into gently curving shapes with needle nose pliers. When bending one, bend on the back side with the folded over protector. Make only a small bend then move the pliers and make another. Bending a single edge razor blade will give you a curve that will make a cut on ONE side of a shape. To make the matching curve you MUST turn the foam piece over and then cut the other side. By adjusting how close together you make the sides, you can vary the width of the body. A slightly different curve in the blade will make a different shaped body.


My second cutter is made from 2 blades from a set of 3.5" window scrapers. These blades have two holes near each end. I ran a small bold through each hole and adjust the cut by stacking washers between the blades. An equal number of washers on each bold between the blades will make a parallel cut. Many different widths can be set up. You can draw the blades along the foam to make long cuts, or press the blades into the foam to make one 3.5" cut.


Second WARNING: The back edges of these scraper blades are squared off, but the are still very think and you should use a block of some kind to press down on these cutters.


If you insert more washers between only one end of these blades, and straight tapered cut can be pressed out.


For a curved shape, loosen the outer nut on one end, and squeeze and hold the tips together as you press down.









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Wholesaleflyco also has inexpensive wing burners, that could be used as a foam stencil form if you need uniformity

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