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Fly Tying
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Carp are a tough fish to fish for. However, they are really rewarding when you finally hook into one. They pull like a freight train, and are challenging to even hook. Many times you have to go with lighter line, and small flies, which makes it tough to bring them in.

Here is a fly that is tied to swim hook point up. You are going to be fishing carp on the bottom for the majority of the time, so this fly needs to be somewhat weedless. Being hook point up really helps with that. Last time I went out fishing for carp though, I ended up hooking into a really nice brown trout, on this pattern. So it obviously will work on more than just carp. Below is a list of materials, and below that is a step by step on how to tie this fly.

Hook: Firehole sticks #516 in size 10
Bead: 3.2mm black tungsten slotted bead
Thread: Veevus 10/0 in red
Tail/Body: Medium "ultra chenille" in red
Collar: Brown Marabou
Cement: Hard as Hull
Tying Instructions:
Step 1 - Put the bead onto your hook
Step 2 - Start your thread right behind the bead
Step 3 - Measure out your chenille to 3 times the length of the hook
Step 4 - Tie in your chenille right behind the bead, and on top of the hook shank, and down deep into the bend of the hook
Step 5 - Tie in another piece of chenille on top of the hook shank, tying it back to where you tied down the other piece of chenille
Step 6 - Make touching wraps up the hook shank with your chenille stopping a bead length shy of the bead.
Step 7 - Make a dubbing loop with your thread
Step 8 - Pull off the fibers of the marabou feather
Step 8 - Place those fibers in the dubbing loop, so the tips extend out to just past the length of the hook.
Step 9 - Spin up your dubbing loop
Step 10 - Wrap your marabou hackle around the hook shank, pulling all the fibers rearward with every wrap
Step 11 - Whip finish your fly.
Step 12 - Add a drop of head cement to keep the whip finish in place
Step 13 - Burn the end of the chenille with a lighter to give it a taper
Most important Step - Fish your FLY!

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