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Night fishing offshore??

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Well guys after a few of your ideas/tips on fishing offshore after dark.I've done a few camp outs with very average results. Not to mention cold, damp and minimal sleep but that's not the issue. 2 trips off Lakes Entrance and 1 off Cape Conran. Tried in close for gummies and on the reef. Reef was no good after dark. Few gummies after dark but a lot of rubbish in close around the 14 metre mark from memory.More so after tips regarding the reef though mostly targeting snapper etc. My findings were the fish feed well up to last light than shut down. Than bite again on first light. Each time there was a lot of phosphorus in the water so unsure whether the movement of the boat making lines move and glow would put the fish off in the dark? Maybe sharks moving in puts the fish into hiding. I've also had the same with a handful of arvo runs. Fish feed till last light than shut down. I havnt given up on it yet. When the weather warms a little will give it a few more chances before I can it. Anyway keen to hear how others may of gone after dark chasing fish offshore especially lakes entrance but anywhere else.
Please help
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Thank you


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Okay ... I am not sure what's going on here.

joejonsme is reposting threads from other sites ... from years ago.

I followed some of the links at the bottom of each of the threads ... and they link to those other sites and forums.


The link for videos is a web design/video production site.


This might be a spammer, using "pre-written" posts to gain access to ... something.


I'm contacting Steve about this ... stand by.

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