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Fly Tying
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Macular Degeneration and fly fishing?

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Just did something up with a small tin box. The box easily fits in your back pocket.


The foam is one of those craft store door hangers cut to fit loosely. Need to be able to get it out. I also cut slots on each end.


The flies are larger than what I would do this with. Just used some small streamers that were laying on the desk. Same with tippet, just used 10lb test line. The big stuff was used for clarity.


This one will store 9 pre tied flies with a tippet of approximately 3ft. That's from the tips of your fingers with an outstretched arm to the tip of our nose.


This can be adjusted for your needs.




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In my kayak I wrap leaders around a piece of pool noodle with a cut to hang loop the knot in. Stick the knot in the cut, wrap, hook, done.


I find myself using streamers more and more because I can see them. I don't have MD so I can't imagine how bad that is. My vision is just slowly getting to where I have trouble tying on anything smaller than a size 12, even with glasses. So, I tie up some leaders at home with my magnifier when going small. Mostly I fish warm water or salt, which of course helps, because of the larger flies.


Maybe he should try streamers?

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