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Fly Tying

Are trout really that picky?

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And maggots are danged good bait. So are paper wasp larvae.

Ya, but the snakes...


That would be against the law in Mo now but in the way back when most folks felt like the snakes needed killing. And in this part of the country seeing snakes in a tree is not uncommon. The black birds are a Federal violation under MBTA.

You can get a maggot crop from a raw chicken wing or two hanging over the fishin hole too, it don't hafta be snakes.

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About 15 years ago, I was out with a friend on Lake Houston, fishing for bass with conventional gear.

We worked our way into a channel ... into a pond attached to the lake. When we cleared the last bend, we could see into the pond. Strung up around the pond, about every 30 feet or so, was a giant catfish head. Blue cats and Flatheads, mostly, maybe 20 of them. Some were old and dried out, some ... fresher ... and still dropping maggots into the water. We were going to fish around and under them ... but the smell was enough for us to go looking for another spot.

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