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Fly Tying
Mike West

Small contest for free flies.

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Guess how much this fish weighs within 8oz

and Ill send you 1/2 dozen warm water flies.

My brother sent this to me..someone he knows.


Contest is over by this time tomorrow night.

10:00 pm Central time.


I think most fishermen way over estimate them.


Good Luck.


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laugh.png ... No, my friend. I've got my favorites that I fish with (three, actually) ... and RARELY use anything else. I rarely even use the experimental ones I tie myself.



I've also got two display boards from the swaps I participated in ... but they aren't hung up because I have too much stuff hanging around already. dry.png


I am sure there are plenty of members who'll guess better ... and who'll appreciate the flies more. wink.png

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I guess it could be between 6-10lbs. The pic can be deceiving due to how far he is holding it out from his body.


There have already been guesses if 7-3, 8-8, 9-8, and 18.


So, I'll go the other way with 6lb 8 oz.

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