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Steel Bunny

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These can be tied up very quickly, which is rare to find effective streamer patterns that you can tie so quickly. I can fill up a box in a few hours, and the beauty is that its fairly simple, so it lends to a wide range of color combos as well. Especially since we are using rabbit strips and laser dubbing, both of which have quite a few colors available.

Using a cap like this, you really don't have to worry too much about neat heads. In fact, occasionally I mess up my whip finish or how I layer the fly. And the head comes out looking terrible. But thats ok when using these caps, because all your mess-ups at the head are covered by this cap. This fly also is very durable for that reason, a fish will not be able to touch your whip finish with their teeth because that cap is in the way.
The cap is fairly heavy though, but they do make plastic weightless caps as well. So if you want a non-weighted streamer you could use them as well. But I do like the jigging motion this steel head gives. And its not overly heavy on these smaller flies, and I was able to cast with a 4wt rod even.

As always I am listing all the materials in the description section of this video
Hook: Fireholesticks #811 in size 6 -
Cap: Fish-Skull Baitfish Heads, small
Thread: Olive Veevus Powerthread 140
Tail: Olive Rabbit Zonker Strip
Flash Dubbing: Pearl Ice Dub
Head Stacking Dubbing: White and Olive, Senyo's Laser Dub
Cap Adhesive: Super Glue Gel
Eye Resin: Solarez Bone Dry

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Thanks! Yeah I couldn't find the exact ones online to get a name, but im sure its already a pattern somewhere. If someone could tell me the name of this pattern, I would appreciate it. Then I can call it something other than "steel bunny". HAHA.

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