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Click! Poppers

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Certainly a simpler and more options but gonna need at least a 10wt-12wt to cast. Almost turning into lure not fly. "Hit in the head with half a chicken" syndrome. Kinda why I was trying the all in one deal...You could put a length of leader between the two also.

The dangling effect prolly make lotta clicks/rattles.


Everything is clicking in the rain barrel....

Done raided the crappie box....Bout burnt out on this. What's next? My favorite color?


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After the ideas of DB, Cej2525, of a detachable clicker ahead of the fly I've done gone really apechit! Robbed the crappie box. Tried them at local lake and was actually able to cast the small ones with 5wt. Gonna make some more swimmer tails with the lil floating balls for ole bucketmouth. Gotta go to another lake that one ain't no fish. Check the bottom one....it's gotta Devil'sHorse spinner on it...Specks,reds watch out!

I'm just adding flies at the split ring could dress some hooks if need to down size.



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How about brass and glass like a carolina rig? Might be easier to cast.


Put on front with a small wire, followed by your popper. Similar to what you have.


You are on the feathered edge of fly design! (Pun intended )

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