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Fly Tying

November Flies from the Vise

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Braided Belly Turkey Tail Nymph

I figured this is as good a spot as any for an intro and first post here on FTF. (I've been on other forums before same name) I'm Jim and I like fly fishing and tying.

So I've used el-cheapo gear until now BUT...I saved my money up and then bought myself a Renzetti Traveler rotary vice just two weeks ago.

I'm sure most of you know what that looks like.

All I can say is it's awesome to tie fly's on something like this.

So I've been messing around some more with the Polish and Czech nymphs lately....(they really do catch a lot of fish for me)


Inspired by the Polish Braided Nymphs

attachicon.gif braided_turkey_tail_nymph_002.jpg attachicon.gif braided_turkey_tail_nymph_003.jpg

These things bouncing along the bottom of the North Western Pennsylvania creeks catch trout for me.

I'm definitely sold on nymphing

hook – #12 nymph/wet
lead wire weighted shank - 10 turns
thread - 6/0 black
body :
abdomen- braided embroidery floss
2 strands brown on top
2 strands of light yellow bottom
thorax- cream and yellow awesome possum nymph dubbing
wing case and legs - wild turkey tail feather fibers
I'm going to fool around with different colors and materials too, certainly bead heads and skin backs.
Winter is here so I'll be tying in the warmth waiting on the thaw, still might get a day or two in before total freeze up.
I bet they work down through the ice out on the lake too.



All of the flies I see in this thread are very nice, but this one just does it for me.

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Little Gray May

Hook - Nymph/wet style

Thread - Black

Tail - Moose body hair (tie in behind the eye.

Do not cut the butt ends as they will be used for the legs)

Ribbing - Fine gold wire

Body - Gray dubbing

Wingcase - Flat silver tinsel (may be coated with uv resin if you prefer)

Thorax - Gray dubbing

Legs - Butt ends of the tail pulled back and tied down

Tie this in any color combination you want. Be creative. Experiment.

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I just went through Oct. flies from the vise. I can look at you guy's fly ties all day. ( I can't say that three times real fast though)

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Very nice, the Little Gray May


I tie a pattern very similar...





This one is olive, so the floss for the abdomen, thorax dubbing, and thread are all olive, tail, casing, and legs are tail feather fibers, butts are the legs, I'm keen on turkey as of late because they're long and tough.. The belly is ribbed with clear tubing Then I just make all the different colors I need, my general purpose mayfly nymph.


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Krzysztof Wet Fly (variation)

Found this one on the Irishflyfishingpassion blog. Changed up a few of the materials but the effect is similar.
hook – Sierra 3906BL #10
thread - Danville 6/0 black
tail - Craft Fur orange
rib - x-small wire gold
body - Ice Dub Pheasant Tail
body hackle - grizzly dyed olive
front hackle - sharptail grouse dyed olive (1Tbs Rit Golden Yellow/1tsp Rit Dark Green, 1 cup water)
collar - partridge

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Edgar Winter PT




hook – Dai Riki 135 #12
underbody - non-tox .015

thread - Danville 6/0 tan
rib - x-small wire copper
tail/abdomen - pheasant tail bleached
thorax - peacock herl
shellback/legs - pheasant tail bleached

Add 1 part 20 volume hydrogen peroxide (available at beauty supply stores), 2 parts clear ammonia and let it sit for a couple hours. You want to do this outside.



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Why do you need the ammonia, Scott? Hydrogen Peroxide is a good bleaching agent by itself.




Good question for which I don’t have an answer. I used the formula I had seen from Al Beatty; looking at A.K. Best’s Dyeing and Bleaching, he reversed the ratio and added the powdered whitening agent (which I have but didn’t use here due to time constraints).




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Our first real cold of the winter (trust me, for Texas it's cold!) and I get thinking midges. Well, and I finally ordered some new curved nymph hooks. Here's from a productive weekend. A total of about 3 dozen over 3 days.


First, some olive Rojo midges:



Next up are some Bettie midges:



And finally, some Deep Blue Poison Tungs:


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Brendas Mor

More Baltic seatrout stuff.
hook – Mustad 3906B #6
thread - Danville 6/0 red
tail - hackle brown
flash - Krystal Flash pearl
body - Sow/Scud Dubbing rainbow
hackle(s) - brown

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Big Hole Demon (Pink variation)

Lots of good videos on Flytying.eu; really liked
. Subbed guinea for teal on the tail because I already had some in hot pink.
hook – Maruto 2312 #6
thread - Danville 6/0 hot pink
rib - small wire silver
tail - guinea dyed hot pink
abdomen - tinsel large opal
thorax - Ice Dub UV Pink/rabbit hot pink
hackle - hot pink

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