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Articulated Brahma (or Soft Hackle) Bugger

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A few months ago I tied up a fly called the Brahma Bugger, which I did not invent but loved fishing and tying the fly very much! The fly was originally tied by the tightlines youtube channel, and I re-named the fly "soft hackle bugger" because I did not use a brahma pelt, but instead used a soft hackle pelt from whiting. That video did really well, and that fly has been an amazing fish catcher for me. So I set out to improve on the fly, and make it better for a wider range of fish species.

I wanted to articulate the fly, and give it even more movement in the water. So I present you with the articulated brahma bugger, which catches more fish than I could imagine. In fact, it far out fished any other fly I had with me on my last trip. I could not keep the fish off of it. And it seemed to attract some really large trout as well! This articulated fly is really my favorite streamer now, and I don't think I will be fishing anywhere without at least a few in my box.
As always I am listing all the materials I used on this fly.
Hook: Firehole sticks #811 in size 6
Shank: Small sized Fish Joint
Thread: Veevus 6/0 in Olive
Feathers: Whiting Coq de Leon soft hackle with chickabou pelt died Chartreuse
Wire: Small Intruder wire in black
Cement: Brush on Zap a Gap
Head cement: Solarez "Bone Dry" UV resin

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