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Any saltwater anglers?

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I do fish "salt water." In the IRL and Mosquito Lagoons. Never going beyond the beach in a kayak, but I find plenty of fish inshore. Some of the "salt water" fish if catch come from the Impound ponds and canals along the Indian River Lagoon. If I can't fly fish for em, I don't fish for em at all. Some of my patterns are below. If you look further down the page, you will see there is a whole topic area devoted to salt water








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I dabble in it a bit. Mostly fish the inlets and jetties of South Jersey. Here's my favorite streamer based on Bob Pop's Semper Fleye.




Another streamer, it suppose to imitate a finger mullet




A couple of bait fish patterns. Narrow body one for bay anchovies and silversides. Wide body or peanut bunker.




Some Crease flies.




A couple of poppers




I also use the same flies in fresh water for bass, pike, chain pickerel








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All really good looking tyes. At present I am working on tying and fishing Flat Wing Flyes in colors and shades useable in Florida waters. The Flat Wings were started in Rhode Island by Ken Abrames used for Stripers, Blues, Albies, and Bonitio.


So far I've just tested my tyes, Tracking seems to be good and castability good. Directions can be found on U Tube.


Happy Holiday to All.


Tight Lines and Fair Winds


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This saltwater fly assortment will be auctioned off via online silent auction during the Madison-Gallatin Trout Unlimited Banquet in February 2019. It is a good representation of the saltwater flies I tie and use on the Florida Gulf Coast for inshore species.


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