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Fly Tying
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Finger mullet with teeth....





Pinfish, porgy?





Pretty simple ties. One shot wonders...good thing gonna get mangled purdy quick from toothy critters....i.e. consumables!

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Those look great, denduke.

I got a large bag of tubing like that, from Dollar Tree. Taking it with me on the road and will be trying to make flies like those in the hotel room.

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Dollar tree you say....

Fella wanted how-to. So for what it's worth...


Flex-Cord 1/4" "Light" as compared to regular which is tougher but not as supple/ flexible. Kinda simple. The key to the extended body is tying the tail and cord to a short piece of hollow tube (Qtip) by sticking it on big needle, etc to hold in the vice. Pull off and do the hook at the eye. The other trick is to "back" it up to give bulk and capture by Krazyglue w/brush tiny bit along it to hold that shape. The Pinfish, etc tied directly to the hook. Color by perm markers. One shot wonders... Prolly get mangled purdy quick by toothy critters i.e. Consumables...




Most times just tie on and unravel for the tails.


Went checked them out notice once one caught some air when it landed and the lite went off!!!! Gonna make a slit and put in some "packing foam" and make some neutral rather than quick sinkers. Work in progress.....

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