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This is my “go to pattern” that has worked extremely well and simply slays trout. When I first tied it I wondered if it would work, when it did so well I wondered why -- Thus the Dry Wonder Bug. The effectiveness of this fly I believe comes from the color (like the purple haze), the legs, and the wings. Whereas the purple haze is basically a purple adams this fly presents a different profile on the water that trout have a difficult time resisting. Note: This fly is also effective to catch grayling and whitefish.

Recipe Wonder Bug (Dry)

Hook: Any brand 4X long size 6 to 16 with a fine wire, having as wide a gape as

possible or a Mustad 3261

Egg Sack: Black foam

Tail: White Goose Biots
Thread: Purple 6/0 (70 denier) or larger
Body: Purple Heat Shrink 1/8 or 3/16 diameter colored with alcohol ink and tan foam.

Note other sizes can be used with smaller hooks – Also purple foam can be used

in place of heat shrink.
Legs: Medium to fine speckled white rubber centipede leg material

Antenna: Brown Mono (optional)
Post: White Heat Shrink or Polypropylene Yarn
Wing: Saddle feather (white) and white wing material made with heat-n-bond. To see how to make wings with heat-n-bond go to

1. Cut a single or two twin sections of Heat Shrink as long as the hook shank plus at least a 1/8 inch. Note: Twin sections are used when using smaller Heat Shrink.
2. Cut a section of tan foam approximately the same width as the Heat Shrink.
3. Cover the hook shank with thread.

4. Attach the black egg sack use a drop of super glue to anchor.

5. Attach the goose biots on top of the egg sack

6. Attach the heat shrink at the rear of the hook one section at a time using at least three thread wraps. Use heat to pinch the heat shrink to the hook shank.

7. Attach the foam at the rear of the hook shank, add legs and work the thread up to the eye.

8. Attach the heat shrink and foam at the eye using at least three thread wraps. Add legs. Use heat to pinch the heat shrink to the hook shank and finish forming the air bubble.

9. Add antenna on top of the foam seal with a drop of super glue.

10. Add the wing material.

11. Add the PP post and take 6-8 wraps around the white saddle parachute style. Seal the thread at the hook eye with super glue.

12. Seal the thread at the hook eye with head cement or super glue. Trim off any excess foam and heat shrink.


post-23663-0-45080100-1548180852_thumb.jpg post-23663-0-87463700-1548180878_thumb.jpg

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